Erich Fromm's victory over social amnesia





Neal McLaughlin Who Killed off Fromm’s Reputation in North America? Russell Jacoby’s Social Amnesia and the Forgetting of a Public Intellectual
Rainer Funk Erich Fromm's Socio-Psychoanalytic Re-Vision of Freudian Theory  
Sandra Buechler Now More Than Ever – Why We Need Fromm Today 
Charles Thorpe Necroculture: Fromm’s Theory of Necrophilia and Contemporary Cultural Nightmares 
Sonia Gojman de Millán, Salvador Millán, Guadalupe Sánchez and Patricia González, Seminario de Sociopsicoanálisis A.C. SEMSOAC  Attachment Research in Urban and Rural México. Clinical and Social Implications (no download because of copyright)
Marco Bacciagaluppi References to the neurosciences in three relational psychoanalysts: Arieti, Bowlby and Fromm
Marco Bacciagaluppi The links between Erich Fromm and Konrad Lorenz 



Marco Bacciagaluppi Review Giorgio Risari: >Erich Fromm. La visione del mondo e l’interpretazione dell’uomo< 
Charles Thorpe Review Lauren Langman and George Lundskow: >God, Guns, Gold and Glory: American Character and its Discontents< 


Records of the Erich Fromm Institute

Erich Fromm  Freud’s Concept of Sexuality [1957]